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Excel-DNA 0.32 – Breaking changes to integer and boolean parameter handling

Excel-DNA version 0.32 introduces some changes in the parameter conversions applied to integer and boolean parameters. These changes improve compatibility with VBA, and make it easier to provide a consistent implementation when the conversion needs to be explicitly implemented, as for … Continue reading

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Tutorial: COM server support for VBA integration

Functions and macros created in an Excel-DNA add-in can be called directly from Excel VBA by using Application.Run(…). However, .NET also supports creating rich object models that are exported as COM libraries, which can be Tools->Referenced in VBA. Excel-DNA has … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA 0.32 Release Candidate

I have posted to CodePlex ( and the NuGet package manager ( a release candidate of the next Excel-DNA version.I hope to make a final release in the next few weeks, once I’ve had confirmation that this version works well … Continue reading

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Getting started with F# and Excel-DNA in finance

Bram Jochems has written a friendly  ‘Getting Started’ post, discussing how to use F# with Excel-DNA in a finance context. His add-in with various F# / Excel-DNA helper utilities, and a bunch of quantitative finance-related UDFs, including option pricing function and … Continue reading

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Streaming real-time data to Excel

Gert-Jan van der Kamp has posted a very nice end-to-end example on CodeProject, showing how to create a WCF service and Excel-DNA add-in to stream real-time data into Excel. The example uses to use the Reactive Extensions support in Excel-DNA … Continue reading

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F# and R in Excel

Natallie Baikevich has posted some very pretty examples of using F# with Excel-DNA. One function uses the R type provider to easily expose a feature from an R package as an UDF in Excel. Have a look at the write-up, and … Continue reading

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Caching and Asynchronous Excel UDFs

This sample shows how the result of an Excel-DNA async UDF call can be cached using the .NET 4 MemoryCache class. PS: Apparently there is a bug in the memory management of the .NET MemoryCache class. See the StackOverflow discussion and the … Continue reading

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