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Tutorial: COM server support for VBA integration

Functions and macros created in an Excel-DNA add-in can be called directly from Excel VBA by using Application.Run(…). However, .NET also supports creating rich object models that are exported as COM libraries, which can be Tools->Referenced in VBA. Excel-DNA has … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA 0.32 Release Candidate

I have posted to CodePlex ( and the NuGet package manager ( a release candidate of the next Excel-DNA version.I hope to make a final release in the next few weeks, once I’ve had confirmation that this version works well … Continue reading

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Getting started with F# and Excel-DNA in finance

Bram Jochems has written a friendly  ‘Getting Started’ post, discussing how to use F# with Excel-DNA in a finance context. His add-in with various F# / Excel-DNA helper utilities, and a bunch of quantitative finance-related UDFs, including option pricing function and … Continue reading

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Streaming real-time data to Excel

Gert-Jan van der Kamp has posted a very nice end-to-end example on CodeProject, showing how to create a WCF service and Excel-DNA add-in to stream real-time data into Excel. The example uses to use the Reactive Extensions support in Excel-DNA … Continue reading

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F# and R in Excel

Natallie Baikevich has posted some very pretty examples of using F# with Excel-DNA. One function uses the R type provider to easily expose a feature from an R package as an UDF in Excel. Have a look at the write-up, and … Continue reading

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Caching and Asynchronous Excel UDFs

This sample shows how the result of an Excel-DNA async UDF call can be cached using the .NET 4 MemoryCache class. PS: Apparently there is a bug in the memory management of the .NET MemoryCache class. See the StackOverflow discussion and the … Continue reading

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Async and event-streaming Excel UDFs with F#

There have been a some recent posts mentioning the asynchronous and reactive programming features in F#. Since Excel-DNA 0.30 added support for creating async and IObservable-based real-time data functions, I’d like to show how these F# features can be nicely … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA NuGet Package Updated

I’ve updated and improved the Excel-DNA NuGet package. (NuGet is the Visual Studio package manager that makes it easy to download and install external libraries into your projects.) To turn your Class Library project into an Excel add-in, just open Tools … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA Version 0.30 Released

Excel-DNA Version 0.30 has now been released on CodePlex. The download is available from This version implements support for RTD-based asynchronous worksheet functions based on a thread-safe RTD base class – ExcelRtdServer. The asynchronous support is designed to (optionally) integrate … Continue reading

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Patrick O’Beirne’s guide for Excel VBA to VB.NET migration

Patrick O’Beirne is an Excel guru who has recently been migrating some add-ins from VBA to .NET using Excel-DNA. He has some posts on the migration, including a great list of the language and interop differences to be aware of … Continue reading

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