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Caching and Asynchronous Excel UDFs

This sample shows how the result of an Excel-DNA async UDF call can be cached using the .NET 4 MemoryCache class. PS: Apparently there is a bug in the memory management of the .NET MemoryCache class. See the StackOverflow discussion and the … Continue reading

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Async and event-streaming Excel UDFs with F#

There have been a some recent posts mentioning the asynchronous and reactive programming features in F#. Since Excel-DNA 0.30 added support for creating async and IObservable-based real-time data functions, I’d like to show how these F# features can be nicely … Continue reading

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Excel VBA to VB.NET with Excel-DNA and NetOffice

Excel-DNA is a great library to help ease the path from Excel VBA to VB.NET. Last year another part of the puzzle fell in place: I discovered NetOffice, a version-independent set of Office interop assemblies put together by Sebastian Lange. By … Continue reading

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Resizing Excel UDF result arrays

Update (21 June 2017): The most up-to-date version of the ArrayResizer utility can be found here: Update: To work correctly under Excel 2000/2002/2003, this sample requires at least version of Excel-DNA. A common question on the Excel-DNA group is … Continue reading

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