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Getting started (or: Why Are You Still Using VBA?)

I discovered a really nice write-up on “Excel-DNA Or Why Are You Still Using VBA?” by Efrem J. Sternbach. He  gives a succinct one-page introduction to various Excel-DNA features including the ribbon integration and COM interop. A great start if … Continue reading

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Develop Excel Conference – London, 18 October 2018

Charles Williams of FastExcel fame is hosting a one-day conference in London on 18 October, covering a wide range of Excel extensibility topics. I will be presenting Excel-DNA, joining developers responsible for PyXLL, Planatech XLL+, the new Javascript interfaces from Microsoft, … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA version 0.34

Excel-DNA version 0.34 has been release and is now available on NuGet (as package ExcelDna.Addin 0.34.6), and as a standalone download from GitHub ( Please post any issues you run into to the Google group (!forum/exceldna) The easiest way to … Continue reading

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Excel UDF IntelliSense for Excel-DNA and VBA

I’m happy to announce the first official release of the IntelliSense extension! Excel-DNA IntelliSense provides on-sheet help for UDF functions as they are entered into a cell formula, similar to the help available for built-in Excel functions. For Excel-DNA add-ins … Continue reading

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Add-in spotlight: ACQ for interpolation

This is the first in an occasional series of posts about interesting Excel-DNA based add-ins. Alex Chirokov’s ACQ add-in provides a library of interpolation routines for Excel. The add-in includes 1D and 2D interpolators, scatter plot smoothing and a Mersenne Twister random number … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA 0.33 Release Candidate and License Change

Version 0.33 Release Candidate Excel-DNA 0.33 contains a number of bug fixes and improvements, including a diagnostic logging approach based on the .NET Trace classes. More details can be found in the current ChangeLog. This version will also be the foundation … Continue reading

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Excel-DNA 0.32 – Breaking changes to integer and boolean parameter handling

Excel-DNA version 0.32 introduces some changes in the parameter conversions applied to integer and boolean parameters. These changes improve compatibility with VBA, and make it easier to provide a consistent implementation when the conversion needs to be explicitly implemented, as for … Continue reading

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