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Building Excel-DNA From Source

To build Excel-DNA from source, create a single <root> directory first.

Build Requirement: Visual Studio 2022 Community or Professional with C++ and .NET Desktop development support, set the path to MSBuild.exe in <root>\ExcelDna\MasterBuild\MasterBuild.cmd:

set MSBuildPath="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Community\Msbuild\Current\Bin\amd64\MSBuild.exe"

You have to clone the following repositories into the <root> directory:

As the DeveloperTools\ExcelDna.Testing folder is not part of the public available codebase, comment this last part of the MasterBuild.cmd script:

cd %rootPath%\DeveloperTools\ExcelDna.Testing\Build
copy /Y %targetsfile% %rootPath%\DeveloperTools\ExcelDna.Testing\Directory.Build.targets
call BuildPackages.bat %PackageVersion% %MSBuildPath%

Then, run the MasterBuild.cmd script.