Getting help

For help getting started with Excel-DNA, or to report some issue with the library, the primary support channel is the Excel-DNA Google Group. There you will find detailed, responsive help to your queries and a searchable archive with more than 5000 messages.

I made Excel-DNA freely available because of my enthusiasm for Excel and the .NET Framework. I really am happy to help you get started, knowing that the initial steps can be daunting. Please feel free to ask.

Supporting Excel-DNA

You can encourage future development of Excel-DNA by arranging for your company to enter into a formal support agreement, or by making a donation to the project via PayPal.

Formal support agreements

Corporate users of Excel-DNA, using the library as part of their critical infrastructure, may want to enter into a formal support agreement. I offer a technical support contract for an annual subscription fee, which ensures:

  • Continuity of the project, with ongoing development and maintenance.
  • Access to direct assistance and support in using the library.
  • Priority for bug-fixes and feature requests that you submit.

For more details, please contact me directly by email to


All donations to the Excel-DNA project are greatly appreciated, and can be made via PayPal:
Donate via PayPal