Jane Street uses Excel-DNA.



“We migrated to Excel-DNA, which has simplified greatly our Excel interfacing. It is a superb product, superior to others we have used previously, and Govert is incredibly responsive and helpful in maintaining and improving it.” – Alberto Cherubini, EQ Finance


“Excel-DNA is in use in our major locations around the world and in many mission critical scenarios. Usage covers the full gamut of features from simple UDF add-ins to managing real-time trading flow, interacting with order management systems. The open source Excel-DNA project is incredibly useful to us. Thanks very much to Govert and contributors.” – Paul Gresham, Hong Kong.


Calcbench“I have never programmed with Excel and Excel-DNA allowed me build Calcbench’s Excel Add-In in two weeks.” – Andrew Kittredge, Calcbench.


XBRL Analyst Logo “Excel-DNA is incredibly versatile and stable framework for building Excel add-ins and user-defined functions. With such a pivotal element in our project, we were very concerned about committing to Excel-DNA that was developed by an enthusiast. However, we quickly learned that Govert has created an outstanding open source project; that he is keen on helping with any challenging questions and that the community is active enough to sustain a healthy evolution of Excel-DNA.” – Ilya Vadeiko, FinDynamics


s7logo“Excel-DNA is the open source project that quietly delivers a robust and simple to use extensibility framework for Microsoft Excel. When we felt we had outgrown VBA, no longer wanted the complexity of C++ and were thoroughly fed up with VSTO, Excel-DNA seemed a great choice and we haven’t been let down.

In Excel-DNA, combined with his incredible understanding of Excel integration, the .Net framework and passion for wanting to help others, Govert continues to deliver a project that makes Excel-DNA a ‘no brainer’ choice.

Thank you to Govert and to everyone involved in Excel-DNA – well done.” – Simon Miles, Solution 7