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Financial Analytics Suite (FinAnSu) - made with Excel-DNA

· One min read

I recently noticed a very nice add-in developed by Bryan McKelvey called FinAnSu. The whole add-in is generously available under the MIT open source license, and is a fantastic example of what can be built with Excel-DNA.

FinAnSu uses a ribbon interface to make the various functions and macros easy to find. The RTD server support is used to implement asynchronous data update functions, providing a live quote feed from Bloomberg, Google or Yahoo! And then there is a bunch of useful-looking financial functions. Here's a little preview:

FinAnSu Quote Animated

Find the project on Google code:, with detailed documentation on the wiki:

You can browse through the source code online, but to download a copy of the whole project you'll need a Mercurial client. I just installed the one called Mercurial 1.8.2 MSI installer and ran hg clone finansu from a command prompt.