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Excel-DNA Version 0.30 Released

· 3 min read

Excel-DNA Version 0.30 has now been released on CodePlex. The download is available from

This version implements support for RTD-based asynchronous worksheet functions based on a thread-safe RTD base class - ExcelRtdServer. The asynchronous support is designed to (optionally) integrate with the .NET 4.0 Task-based operations, as well as the Reactive Extensions library, allowing IObservables to be exposed as "live" worksheet UDFs

  • (thus "RxExcel"). The language-specific support for asynchronous functions found in C# 5, Visual Basic 11 and F# 2.0 can be easily integrated with the Excel-DNA asynchronous interfaces. Some examples experimenting with the new async features are available in the download.

Various bug fixes have also accumulated over the last 18 months, and are collected in this release.

As always, I greatly appreciate any feedback on this version, and on Excel-DNA in general. Any comments or questions are welcome on the Google group or by contacting me directly.

Changelist - Version 0.30 (12 December 2012)

  • Fixed LoadComAddIn error when using a direct ExcelComAddIn-derived class.
  • Fixed (Ribbon Helper) display in ribbon tooltips.
  • Fixed RTD / array formula activation bug.
  • Fixed IsMacroType=true reference argument sheet error (ExcelReference pointed to active sheet instead of current sheet).
  • Fixed array marshaling pointer manipulation concern under 64-bit Excel.
  • Fixed check for derived attributes too - for backward compatibility with v. 0.25.
  • Fixed assembly multiple-loading problem for packed assemblies.
  • Fixed persistent COM registration (Regsv32.exe / ComServer.DllRegisterServer) to allow HKCR registration whenever possible (for UAC elevation issue).
  • Fixed Excel version check when COM / RTD Server loads before add-in is loaded - ribbon would not load.
  • Fixed IntPtr StackOverflowException in high-memory 32-bit processes.
  • Fixed custom task panes UserControl activation - do HKCR registration whenever possible (for UAC elevation issue).
  • Fixed double[0,1] array marshaling memory allocation error with potential access violation.
  • Allow abstract base classes in ExcelRibbon class hierarchy. Now loads the first concrete descendent of ExcelRibbon as the ribbon handler.
  • Remove Obsolete class ExcelDna.Integration.Excel. (Use ExcelDnaUtil instead.) Allows smooth XlCall usage.
  • Allow external SourceItem packing.
  • Add ExcelAsyncUtil for async macro calls.
  • Add thread-safe RTD server base class ExcelRtdServer.
  • Add async function helper as ExcelAsyncUtil.Run.
  • Add support for Reactive Extensions via RTD via ExcelAsyncUtil.Observe and related interfaces.
  • Change ExcelRibbon and ComAddIn loading to use declared ProgId and Guid if both attributes are present. Fixed Ribbon QAT issue.
  • Revisit caching of Application object.
  • Rename ExcelDna.Integration.Integration to ExcelDna.Integration.ExcelIntegration.
  • Implement macro shortcuts (from ExcelCommand attributes).
  • Changed re-open via File->Open to do full AppDomain unload and add-in reload.