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Excel-DNA 0.33 Release Candidate and License Change

· 3 min read

Version 0.33 Release Candidate

Excel-DNA 0.33 contains a number of bug fixes and improvements, including a diagnostic logging approach based on the .NET Trace classes. More details can be found in the current ChangeLog.

This version will also be the foundation for a first release of the custom Registration extension and the ongoing work towards on-sheet IntelliSense for user-defined functions.

A release candidate for the new version is available

Please help me test that the new version works correctly in the many different ways, Excel and Windows versions, and languages where Excel-DNA add-ins run.

If you run into any unexpected behavior bugs or regressions, please post to the Google group or contact me directly.

Also, if you are able to confirm that the new version works in a particular setting, please post that too. Details about what functionality you've tested and what operating environment (including .NET and Excel version) you are running with, would help me a lot.

License Change

For the Excel-DNA project, I've changed to the standard MIT license. This has become the most common open-source license aligned with my intention of making Excel-DNA free for all use, including commercial use. UPDATE 2015-09-03: Excel-DNA is (again) licensed under the zlib license. More details here.

If you have any concerns with this change, please let me know.

NuGet Packages

With this version, I am re-aligning the Excel-DNA package names on NuGet with the assembly names and standard naming conventions. The main packages for this release will be:

  • ExcelDna.AddIn - Includes the .xll and creates a complete add-in when installed into a Class Library project. This is update of the "Excel-DNA" package.

  • ExcelDna.Integration - Contains only the integration reference library, suitable for referencing in third-party libraries that are intended to be used in Excel-DNA add-ins. An update of the "Excel-DNA.Lib" package.

The old packages will be updated to refer to the new ones as dependencies, which should allow package updates to work correctly.


The Excel-DNA project is (slowly) moving to GitHub.

Thank you for your continued support of Excel-DNA!