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Excel-DNA version 0.33.8-rc2 available

· One min read

I've made an updated release candidate available - this is version 0.33.8-RC2.

In this update:

  • Excel-DNA is (again) licensed under the zlib license (thanks to Chel for raising the potential ambiguity in the MIT license).

  • There are improvements in the NuGet install scripts (thanks to Caio Proiete for the encouragement and help with this).

  • There are some minor fixes, including the XlCall fix for the error: "Cannot Inherit from sealed class XlCall"

  • The VC++ native project was updated to use the VS 2013 tools (allowing the project to build with the AppVeyor continuous integration service).

The update can be installed by:

  • Updating the Excel-DNA NuGet package to pre-release version 0.33.8-rc2

  • Installing the new (pre-release) ExcelDna.AddIn package version 0.33.8-rc2

  • Downloading the binary (and source) distribution from CodePlex (

Please help me test this update!

You can notify me of any problems or questions you encounter, either through the Google group or directly via email to

Please also confirm if it works! What Windows and Excel version, and what features do you use?

Thank you for your continued support of Excel-DNA.