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Add-in spotlight: ACQ for interpolation

· 2 min read

This is the first in an occasional series of posts about interesting Excel-DNA based add-ins.

Alex Chirokov's ACQ add-in provides a library of interpolation routines for Excel. The add-in includes 1D and 2D interpolators, scatter plot smoothing and a Mersenne Twister random number generator.

To have a closer look:

Features I like about the add-in (apart from it using Excel-DNA) include:

  • A liberal open-source license
  • A clear and authoritative implementation of a particular domain
  • Very nice example of using object handles - an interpolator is build from the data, and then used to interpolate many values. ACQ has a clean implementation and great example of this technique.
  • All the functions have a common prefix ("=acq..."), making them easy to find in the function list, and use with the Excel-DNA IntelliSense extension.

Thank you for publishing a great add-in, Alex.

PS: ACQ has a bonus feature that implements a Sudoku solver (and generator)! See the write-up here: Sudoku Solver in Excel using C# and Excel-DNA.