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Excel-DNA version 0.34

· 2 min read

Excel-DNA version 0.34 has been released and is now available.

Please post any issues you run into to the Google group (!forum/exceldna)

The easiest way to test the new version is by installing (or upgrading to) the ExcelDna.AddIn NuGet package.

Excel-DNA version 0.34 introduces a much improved build procedure for add-ins created using the NuGet package (thanks to a fantastic work by @caioproiete!)

This replaces the error-prone post-build steps we had with a custom build helper and allows easier build output customization (see

Various bug fixes and smaller improvements are also included in this version:

  • Add ExplicitExports="false" to NuGet .dna file template
  • Fix getting Application from ProtectedViewWindow
  • Add attempts to get Application object from all windows of class EXCEL7.
  • Fix ExcelAsyncUtil.Observe re-open restart - broken by other fixes in the previous version. Add option to not restart.
  • Change ExcelRtdServer.ConnectData to be more careful about raising an update notice. Calls to Topic.UpdateNotify during the ConnectData overload are now always ignored. If the topic value is updated (through Topic.UpdateValue) during ConnectData, and the same value is returned from ConnectData, then no spurious UpdateNotify is raised. If the value returned from ConnectData differs from Topic.Value, UpdateNotify will still be raised.
  • Allow AccessViolation exceptions to be caught under .NET 4.0 - change marshaling wrapper from DynamicMethod to MethodBuilder.
  • Fix QueueAsMacro failure after paste live preview.
  • Fix AssemblyResolve re-entrancy race condition.

To make a donation to the project, or to arrange for a corporate support agreement that lets you ensure Excel-DNA will live on, please visit the Excel-DNA Support page.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm towards the Excel-DNA project!