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Excel UDF IntelliSense for Excel-DNA and VBA

· 2 min read

I'm happy to announce the first official release of the IntelliSense extension!

Excel-DNA IntelliSense provides on-sheet help for UDF functions as they are entered into a cell formula, similar to the help available for built-in Excel functions.

Intellisense Release v1 01 Intellisense Release v1 02

For Excel-DNA add-ins (v0.32 and later) that already provide descriptions in the [ExcelFunction] and [ExcelArgument] attributes, no extra work is needed. Just download and open (or install) the latest ExcelDna.IntelliSense.xll add-in from the GitHub (, and the IntelliSense will light up. (There is also a NuGet package for embedding the service into your add-in, making distribution a bit easier.)

For VBA functions, you can add an extra sheet with the IntelliSense descriptions, or add an external .xml file with the information, or embed as a the CustomXML part in the Workbook or .xlam add-in. Then open (or install) the ExcelDna.IntelliSense.xll add-in to provide the display service. Charles Williams, of FastExcel fame, has a detailed write-up on adding IntelliSense for your VBA function - see

For PyXLL users, the latest PyXLL 3.1 release offer built-in support for IntelliSense with the ExcelDna.IntelliSense.xll add-in installed. See

Other native .xll add-ins can also provide IntelliSense through an external .xml file.

Details and downloads are on GitHub:

Public support and bug reports: The Excel-DNA Google group (!forum/exceldna) is the best place for general questions, comments etc. Detailed bug reports and feature requests can be added to the GitHub issues list:

Corporate support and private donations: If you find Excel-DNA and extensions like the IntelliSense service useful, please support the project by arranging a corporate support agreement, or making a donation via PayPal. See for details and contact information.